Goals and Objectives

SmileHigh has set the following goals and measurable objectives to ensure successful accomplishment of its mission to reduce the level of dental caries in all Nepalese children:

Goal 1: To improve the diet of Nepalese children and families in remote areas of Nepal by:

  • Educating children, teachers and parents about the consequences to dental and general health of eating foods high in refined sugar and drinking ‘fizzy’ drinks high in acidity;
  • Promoting the value in high consumption of healthy foods and minimal consumption of processed foods high in refined sugars;
  • Educating children, teachers and parents about the importance of timing and method of consumption of sugary foods, including the risks when they are taken, and
  • Educating about the dangers of smoking to oral health and general health.

Goal 2: To reduce the susceptibility to dental caries by:

  • Educating children, teachers and parents about the correct frequency and technique of tooth brushing;
  • Making fluoride available via toothpaste to children to help harden tooth enamel, and
  • Providing an adequate supply of toothbrushes and toothpaste to those children who cannot obtain them.

Goal 3: To provide basic, preventative dental services in remote areas of Nepal by:

  • Ensuring that all children receive an annual dental examination;
  • Treating all basic decayed teeth in the field, restoring with anti-decay materials;
  • Placing fissure sealants on adult molar teeth which due to their fissured anatomy are very susceptible to decay;
  • Making provision for more severe cases, where complex and potentially painful procedures are required, to be treated at a dental clinic in Kathmandu where a qualified anaesthetist is available;
  • Promoting positive attitudes toward dental care and dentists by avoiding painful procedures and saving teeth whenever possible, and
  • Providing funding for the third therapist.